12 tips for wonderful health look.

 12 tips for a wonderful health look.

Health is just as good. No matter how much wealth, there is no happiness in a healthy life. Despite the need for exercise, good food, restless life and plenty of sleep, modern life has made us a little better off to maintain good health. Today, the facilities in everyone's mouths are far from exercise. Ready-to-eat natural foods are becoming a good health hazard.

Modern science has been increasing intellectual activity and reducing physical activity. As a result, there are many changes in our body. We are becoming more and more obese. Thereby inviting many diseases. As the number of automobiles increases, so does breathing, which causes many diseases.

There is currently no solution to these problems. Alternatively, a different source of energy may come from replacing the burning fuel. But here are twelve tips that are easy to incorporate into our lives today and stay in good health instead of waiting for that time to make our body worse.

No more sleep than necessary We need about six to eight hours of sleep following age and physical and mental activity. It is the period of time until you wake up after a deep sleep. Six hours is usually enough for most people. But most stressful and mentally stressful situations require eight hours of sleep. But too much sleep can make the body tired and cause many problems. Excessive sleep time does not dissolve as long as body fat is dissolved while staying awake, causing obesity.

Never skip breakfast because the body is not eating at all during the night's sleep. Drinking cold water in the morning as soon as you get up in the morning and eating a little breakfast after breakfast can help the brain to spend the rest of the day as a blood supply. If you do not eat breakfast at all, the body, especially the brain, has a lot of problems with circulation and sugar. The acid in the stomach begins to burn inside the stomach without food to dissolve. The result is gas trouble, gastric infection. It is necessary to dissolve body fat and improve circulation. Obesity envelops fat without the fat circulating in the circulatory system that is lacking in breakfast.

Maintaining body hygiene A clean body is the home of many ailments. It is best to wash your hands before and after meals with soap. Most people are lazy about washing the back of the thumb (ie the lower part of the nail) when washing hands. But the right thumb is rotated between the four fingers of the left hand (similar to the left hand) and the palm is completely clean. By taking bath and toilet once a day, using soap can help maintain good health. Clean clothes, underwear, socks every day should be used on the second day. Environmental cleanliness in the home and office should be avoided to prevent pest infestation.

Getting up from sunrise before sunrise and getting up at about eleven o'clock at night is good for about five to six hours in the morning. The young sun's rays provide the body with much-needed vitamin D. Early morning vacations improve the body's biochemical function, increase circulation and improve health.

Eat tomato fruit every day Lycopene is an enzyme responsible for the reddening of tomato fruit. This lycopene provides protection against cancer. Many gastrointestinal diseases, liver and intestinal diseases.

12 tips for wonderful  health look.

Most of the Indians are property involved in spiritual activities. Praying to God of your choice will lighten the mind. The feeling of being a saviour gives us the strength to face life effectively. Prevents bad deeds, bad thoughts. Health is also enhanced by engaging in spiritual activities.

Walking slowly for at least twenty minutes every day is the easiest of exercises. However, since fat is not easily dissolved in the gait, the speed of the gait can be increased by slowing down and increasing the speed of melting. This speed can be greatly reduced depending on your health condition. A twenty-minute run every day is the foundation for good health.

Drink cold water regularly during the day. Our body needs water. Our body loses water in various forms. Frequent watering must be done to compensate for the exhaled water in sweat, urine and toilets. Water is not as cold as ice, nor is it good for cold or nail warm water. Water is also added to the body through fruit juices, milk, tea and cold drinks. But because the foamy cola contains up to seven times more sugar than it needs, the body's purpose is to drink more sugar than it needs. So clean water is the best of all.

Swimming is considered the perfect exercise in exercises for swimming, swimming and being healthy. Swimming helps all the muscles of the body to work in unison, making the body stronger. Bones are strengthened. Doctors prescribe some simple exercises in water for patients with arthritis. Do not turn away from the water. Learn to swim first. Once in the water, you will not mind staying out of the water for the next few days. But get into the water with the help of an expert. It is best not to go too deep into the chest before swimming becomes proficient.

12 tips for wonderful  health look.

Get involved in meditation Our mind is constantly thinking about something. Most of the time, thinking about two things at a time is a curry. Meditating on a few moments of the day to focus the mind on one thing is not worth the mental tranquillity that is available.

There are so many vitamins available to the body every day. These vitamins are available in fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables (such as cucumber and chickpeas) after meals can help to improve the health of the body by taking various vitamins.

Do not shy away from marital affairs. All of the body functions as a hormone secreted by the body through regular activity. The mind is refreshed. Leading to greater enthusiasm in daily tasks.