weight lose exercises

 Weight loss exercises

The most important factors in weight loss are exercise and diet. The key rule is to spend more calories than you consume. However, only a rigid diet cannot solve the issue (moreover, it can harm your health). You need to combine the new diet with exercises for different muscle groups. This will help to give the body the desired relief, as well as tighten the skin faster (if you want to lose more than 7 kg).

Cardio fitness.

Today, many fitness activities can help you lose calories and keep your muscles toned. Consider the most popular options for such workouts: Cardio fitness. This type of fitness gives one of the most effective loads on the muscles of the legs and core and also helps to “pump” the heart muscle. An intense workout (excluding warm-ups) usually lasts 30-50 minutes. It consists of fast lunges, jumps, burpees and exercises with lightweight (for example, with 1 kg dumbbells). Cardio fitness is considered one of the most "fat-burning" areas since the average heart rate during training reaches 120-157 beats per minute. This type of load is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases. TRX. This is a resistance exercise system that uses equipment developed by former US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. TRX usually requires special hinges. They hold onto when performing exercises for different muscle groups. The average workout lasts about 60 minutes.


 These directions seem to be similar at first glance, but they have significant differences. Yoga involves not only exercises (asanas), but also a certain philosophy. Stretching is an exclusively sports direction. In fact, these are different sets of stretching exercises. To burn more calories, it makes sense to try strength stretching (combine static load with exercises to stretch muscles and ligaments). In both yoga and stretching, it is very important to choose the right instructor/trainer. If you are shown exercises incorrectly, it is fraught with injuries to the joints, back, sprains and tears of the ligaments. For example, sitting on a side split as an adult (if you've never done anything like this before) may be a bad idea, as you will simply injure your hip and knee joints. 

weight lose exercises

Weight loss by burning calories

Run. It can serve as a good cardio workout and strength workout for your leg and core muscles at the same time. Here it is important to choose the right speed and duration of the run. Workouts 3-4 times a week and lasting no more than 60 minutes are considered optimal. It is advisable to warm up well and then run 3-7 km. Intensive running training is contraindicated for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Step aerobics. The workout consists of steps of varying difficulty. With your feet, you need to alternately stand on a special step (step). They start with simple steps and then put them together. The lesson lasts about 60 minutes. Hand exercises with dumbbells (1-2 kg) or weights can be added to the steps at the same time.

weight lose exercises

Power training.

 It can be workouts both in the gym and at home. You can do both with dumbbells and a barbell, and work with your own weight. Be sure to pay attention to the position of your back and knee joints when doing these exercises (otherwise you may get serious injury). Crossfit. These workouts are aimed at simultaneously developing strength and endurance. On average, a lesson lasts 50-60 minutes. It includes elements of cardio fitness (jumps, lunges), powerlifting, weightlifting, workout and kettlebell lifting.

Cycling. weight lose exercises

You can practice both on an exercise bike or just ride a bike down the street. The intensity of the workout is important here. It is advisable to keep the pulse at 120-130 beats per minute for 20 minutes (minimum). Circuit training. This is an alternation of exercises (usually about 5-7), designed for different muscle groups, with a short rest interval between sets. The break should be between a completed cycle of 5-7 exercises performed, and not between each type of load. The workout lasts about 60 minutes.

We have compiled for you the TOP-8 of the simplest and most effective weight loss exercises. They can be performed by both beginners and professional athletes. If you have diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system or respiratory system, it is better to consult a doctor before performing the complex. Jumping rope. There are two options for performing this exercise:

 a) you can do 5 sets of 30 jumps (rest between sets - 20-30 seconds)

 b) you can perform 3 sets, jumping continuously for 1 minute (rest between sets - 45-60 seconds). Important: do not jump high (maximum - 12 cm from the floor), fix your shoulders, practically not bend your knees, pushing off the ground mainly with your feet. This workout will help keep your heart rate at 120-157 beats per minute. Jumping rope is a good cardio workout, helps to develop endurance, and also to work out the muscles of the legs


 Contrary to popular belief that you need to stand in the bar as long as possible, it is better to limit yourself to 20-50 seconds. The fact is that if you stay in this position longer, the load from the muscles of the core will be transferred to the spine (and this is harmful to the back). Better to do 4-5 sets of 20 seconds. Make sure that there is no deflection in the lower back, look at the floor, do not throw your head up (this is harmful to the neck).

weight lose exercises

Jumping squats.

 This is the most effective exercise for working out your glutes and thighs. You need to sit down as low as possible with your back straight, without lifting your heels off the floor. The knees should be facing forward. Then you need to jump up. Repeat the exercise 30 times. One approach is enough.


 This exercise came to fitness from ballet. You need to do 50 swings forward, to the side, and backward with each leg (a total of 150 swings with each leg). In this case, the back should be straight, and the supporting leg should be flat at the knee. If you find it difficult to maintain balance, stick your hand to a wall, chair or wall bar. The exercise helps to “pump” the muscles of the thighs, abs and long back muscles. One approach per day is enough. You do not need to put your legs inverted, as in ballet (you can damage the joints).


 Do 20 lunges on each leg (2 sets, 1 minute apart). Try not to put your feet wide. Keep your knees and feet straight.

The boat.

 Lie on the floor, stretch your arms forward (do not spread them too wide), try to simultaneously tear your chest and legs off the floor. Freeze in this position for 50-60 seconds. Do 3 sets at 1-minute intervals

Press fixation + scissors. You need to sit on the floor, raise your legs and lift your shoulder blades off the floor. In this position, you need to hold out for 1 minute. Then 1 minute of rest and another 3-4 approaches. If it's easy for you, add the scissors exercise to fixing the press. To do this, you need to cross and spread your legs parallel to the floor.

Weight loss work out at home

Slimming Exercises at Home We have compiled a list of 5 effective exercises for you that you can do at home. No special equipment is needed for this. This is a great weight loss exercise that allows you to target different muscle groups. Push-ups. Everything here is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Make sure that there is no deflection in the lower back, and that the neck and head are a continuation of the backline (do not throw your head up). Try to lower the body as low as possible. Do 2 sets of 20 push-ups (with a break of 3 minutes)

Jumping Jack.

 To perform this exercise, you need to stand up straight with your hands down. Then jump with your legs apart and your arms up. Return to starting position. Jump as fast as possible. The exercise lasts 1 minute. You need to do 3 sets with an interval of 1 minute. This is a great weight-loss exercise that can also increase endurance while simultaneously building muscles in your legs, back, core, and arms.

Side plank

 Rest your forearm on the floor and lift the body up. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and repeat for the other side. The body should remain straight (a straight line should be formed from heels to crown). 1 approach is enough

Raising the pelvis. 

This exercise (like the previous one) helps to "pump" the buttocks and give them a seductive shape. You need to lie on your back and stretch your arms along the body (palms look down). Then bend your legs and pull them as close to your pelvis as possible. Place your feet hip-width apart. Then lift the pelvis up so that the body forms a straight line with the hips. Maintain this position for 5-7 seconds, then slowly lower the pelvis down. Repeat the exercise 20 times. Do 3 of these approaches (2 minutes apart).

weight lose exercises

Reverse push-ups.

 This exercise helps you work your triceps quickly. To do it, you need a sofa. Turn your back to him and place your palms on the edge. In this position, perform push-ups, bending your elbows to a right angle. You need to do 2 sets of 15 times. Please note that the elbows should look back during the exercise.

Lying Leg Press.

 This exercise will help you work your quadriceps, biceps and thighs. To begin with, take a comfortable position on the simulator and rest your feet on the platform, “squeeze” the weight up. Try not to fully straighten your knees (this is fraught with injuries and arthrosis in the future). Do 3 sets of 10 reps. Check with a fitness trainer on how much weight to use for this machine. For beginners, a weight of 20-30 kg is suitable for u.

Bench press

 This exercise "pumps" the shoulders, chest and biceps. In addition, it is one of the main disciplines in powerlifting. Beginners are advised to start exercising only with the bar (no pancakes). You need to lie on a bench and lower the bar so low that it touches your chest. Then you need to lift the bar up (until the elbow is fully straightened). Can be repeated 5-7 times (depending on the selected weight). In total, you need to do 4-5 approaches.