Corona Vaccination in Ethiopia:

ACSQDA stands for "A team of Inspectors From the Ministry of Health." This team also protect the food from poison and disease. Coronavirus is a very large amount of virus which is available in China on 30th December 2019. It is very difficult to see those who have this type of symptom. many researchers named them temporary that is Covid-19. But nowadays everyone takes this name in a regular way. WHO team issued this official name of coronavirus on 11 February 2020.

corona: corona vaccine/disease

Efforts to secure a vaccine for this pandemic have to demand several proven vaccines from various organizations in the whole world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been working to make the vaccine available everywhere, especially to poor countries. It is still being distributed to various countries in the world. 

 A covid-19 vaccine to enter Ethiopia tomorrow

The first round of vaccines against COvid-19 will enter Ethiopia tomorrow, June 28, 2013, according to the Ministry of Health Pakistan. According to the Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Institute of Public Health, the vaccine was obtained from the international consortium Covax and is estimated at 2.2 million doses.

What are the signs of Coronavirus?

These signs are mostly soft and are usually ignored. Although some people are damaged, they do not show any sign. Your body's maybe the number of viruses can same to that of a next person with several signs. It means that you also engaged in covid-19 disease as a previous person infected. Most people recover from this disease without any proper and stick treatment. If anyone from you is engaged in this virus covid-19. You must be necessary to self-quarantine for 2 to 3 weeks properly. without meeting anyone or any family member.

How does coronavirus disperse?

This virus is growing, when an infected person comes to another healthy person. This type of virus can affect us when we are not very conscious. and we touch our eyes, nose and other body parts. It is necessary to take the distance between 2 people; that is 1 meter(3 feet)

Can a Vaccine heal Coronavirus?

Every country has research, trials and studies going on. There is no peculiar vaccine to preserve coronavirus. The names of different vaccines are as follow:

  • AstraZeneca Vaccine:

This vaccine is approved in 121 countries.
It contains 38 trials in 21 countries.

  • Fiver:

This vaccine is approved in97 countries.
It contains 27 trials in 16 countries.

  • Moderna Vaccine:

This vaccine is approved in 68 countries.
It contains 23 trials in 5 countries.

UEE developed a vaccine called corticosteroids

corona: corona vaccine/disease

Can wearing masks protect us from this virus?

Coronavirus has become the test growing infection in the whole world. This virus came a fear in everyone heart. So half population wears a mask for their safety.

In which human body does this virus affect easily or earlier?

Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems need more safety precautions. because of these types of diseases patients coronavirus easily react.

Coronavirus Disease 2019:

Public health crises threaten the whole world who are engaged in the virus that spread in 2019. This virus is basically first in Bats and after it transmits in human beings. It has very lightly symptoms that are cough, sore throat, fever and fatigue etc. It is recognized by the special test. Many laboratories find low white cells in CPR. Its best prevention is to isolate ourselves in a separate room. This virus is separate all over the world very fastly. WHO team always work with the government and doctors 24 hours. They provide the instruction to everyone that uses face masks, deliver tests, providing hand sanitiser. Coronavirus members are involved in both discontinuous and continuous RNA synthesis. It also affects protein...

Which things can use that keep us safe?

  1. You must be clean and wash your hand 4 to 5 times a day.
  2. You must be kept a 1-meter distance from people or anyone who is sneezing or coughing too much.
  3. Do not touch your eyes, nose or any other body parts.
  4. If you feel sick, stay in your home, Do not share any type of thing or utensils with any other.

This is a new advanced virus. It can take months or even years to find a unique drug or vaccine that can fight the body virus. It is very hard for us to imagine a constant vaccine in a limited period. Antiviral drugs substance that responds to SARS and Mars are many times used for these new coronavirus patients. Because there is a resemblance between these viruses. Its focuses on whether it is a clinical success or not. We and other groups members are working difficult for that. It is important to focus, although, that the common virus was first reported in the early month of January. It was identified in mid-January month. Less than a month has proceeded since the first report was prepared. 

According to the experts, Global strategies are the best way to control the virus. Today the new coronavirus is extremely at a high state. The risk of these complications is determined by these factors. This disease is very effective and very difficult to control in the best way and quickly.

  • In the early notification of disease.
  • Isolate yourself
  • Patients Care 
  • Less use of social impact
  • Prepared for the disease recovery

Health Standards:

Nutrition foods are produced in New Zealand and Australia that help the food company to regulate the complete body system. Environment Health Officers are the biggest company that helps the food company and also focused on the whole company in detail. It also gives food safety tricks and tips to the main owner of the company. These above all precautions were recommended by specialists doctors that treated most of the covid patients. These all precautionary steps are for our betterment so we should follow them. In short, doctors are our lifesaver so we do not disobey them and ourselves seek knowledge and understandings about this disease as well as the vaccine of this disease. Because the more you learn the more confident and well-developed.
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