salt/ salt uses/ what is salt?
salt is connected with many statements which are added to explain the complaint of blood pressure. 
In chemistry, The chemist research that salt is also called sodium chloride.
It contains 
  • Sodium 40%
  • Chloride 60%
Salt textures are very fine. And it is very blinder. Basically salt is in two colours that are white salt and black salt.

Sodium salt and health:

Many people face the problem of the kidney due to the high salt or sodium chloride level in the human blood.
It is all added into the body and affects both fluid cells and the bloodstream. When the blood increased in the body it means that we have pushed high pressure on the bloodstream and also more difficult to work on heart structure. As we all know,'' Excess of anything is bad". If we do extra work and then it may cause many serious diseases like heart attack, blood circulation problem, kidney problem etc.
Many productions of salt are used nowadays are commercial. It never used homemade salt. Table salt is mostly manufactured from the underground. It is mostly used to extract impurities, which must be eliminated sharp minerals.

Types of salt:

There are many types of salts.
1.Sea salts
2. Table salt
3. Natural salt
4. Himalayan pink salt
5. Raw salt

These all types of salts have their own manufacturing and production. Some salts are produced from seawater. It contains types of different minerals also that is zinc, potassium and iron depending on where it is used or mixed.
Himalayan salt has a speciality that shows pink colour. It shows colour because it contains small amounts of iron oxide. These types of salt are not used in making and baking products. But it does not mean that it is not used for any purpose. It is used in other types of products.
Hyponatremia is also caused when the sodium chloride amount is less in the blood. This situated is mostly appear in children and youth persons. because they contain a large amount of Hyponatremia than aged people. Hyponatremia also is known when there is an excess of vomiting, diarrhoea, and sweating. Sometimes, too much water drinking is also lead to hyponatremia.


  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Attend mental slate
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Coma
Sodium chloride and potassium are very important and their bonding is very strong but have opposite reactions in the human body. These both are very necessary for adjusting physiological maintenance. Also, they both have been connected and contain the risk of chronic disease. A large amount of salt intake causes high blood pressure. Instead of it when there is a large amount of potassium intake it means to it helps to relax the bloodstream vessels and also low blood pressure. Salt is basically good for human health because it also increases our immunity system that maintains our human body.

Americans used 3300 milligrams of sodium per day from which 75% obtain from original foods. While it contains 2900 milligrams of potassium each day regularly. The case of heart attack is obtained when people eat a high amount of salt and less amount of potassium diets... It is also the solution to many diseases. A person who is stuck in a straight position. and no part in the movement that means that he/ she become in a comma situation. that is a very critical situation to handle...

Is salt is essential for our body

Salt played an important role in a regular diet. It is very useful we should it take salt regularly in our daily life. The body uses salt to maintain the liquid level. An equilibrium of liquid drink is essential for the body health heart, liver and kidneys.

AHA (American Heart Association)

This researcher team research that when there is a large amount of salt in the human body it pulls a high amount of water into blood vessels. 


Naturally, salt is mixed in seawater. It was naturally suitable for seafood, eggs, some vegetables and milk dairy products...
Six salty products foods associated with (USA) according to the AHA research team.
  • Soap
  • Bakery
  • Sandwiches 
  • Rolls
  • Bread
It all contains potassium and minerals but in a small amount. All kinds of salt should be in restraint. It all contains 1500 mg sodium below that:
  • 1 egg contains 140 mg
  • Fresh milk           50 mg
  • Plain yoghurt      40 mg
  • Low_fat yoghurt  76 mg
  • Raw celery             140 mg 
  • Cooked spinach      120 mg
Sugar patients never added salt or extra salt to their regular diet.

Merits of sodium

When sodium gets poor nutrition. Our body always needs some amount of sodium to function our human body. Sodium always maintains retain water. In restraints, that it contains good because it is essential in blood pressure up and in a healthy range. It was also useful in the extracellular fluid which is essential to their function.

Salt Water:

Saltwater is very good for the face. Due to it, Our face skin is fully smooth.

Benefits of saltwater:

There are many benefits of saltwater some of them are as follows:

Remove acne 

Saltwater normally mixed bacteria in face skin. It also lights our face skin and hides ageing facto. It is very useful for reducing open pores.

Treatment of damaged skin:

Aloe vera uses to cure damaged skin. It also recovers dry skin, an Unattractive and painful area. Sea salt also contains potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Used in the facial mask:

It not only eliminated the bacteria from the skin. But also glow the skin. It is the main ingredient in the facial kit.

Salt Water:

Saltwater is mostly used in the American area. but nowadays it is mostly not in a large amount. This water can be taken from small substances such as the ocean. Seawater is also very salty that contain some amount of sodium chloride. We can also say saltwater is called saline. Saltwater also contain amount of magnesium, aluminium, potassium and calcium. It is also very beneficial for the human body skin. It is also used in the cosmetics products
salt/ salt uses/ what is salt?

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