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beef/ beef jerky/ beef benefits

Beef introduction:

Beef is very high in diet nutrients for the human body. It is very essential for the deficiency of iron persons. It has a reddish colour that is very helpful to maintain the human whole muscular system. Many people do not like this type of beef because most people meant to eat chicken and mutton.

6 reasons why beef is good for you:

  1. Muscles of the cow are universally wealthy in protein that supports the growth of muscle or help the mass of muscle...
  2. Muscles of cow contribute IRON or Four main vitamins- B12, B6, niacin and Riboflavin, that can support to decrease our heaviness and collapse...
  3. Muscles of cow give eight main minerals or vitamins that backing good prosperity or health.
  4. The muscles of a cow are the upper-class cause of zinc, which provide natural skin, hairs or nails.
  5. Zinc further provide traditional cognitive task, recreation or fertility also commit to preservation to traditional testosterone layer in blood...
  6. The muscle of the cow is a cause of iron that benefits the immune arrangement for production...


The nutrition sketch of muscles of cow transition a little bit build upon that how we cook the beef.
  • One four plate of cow muscles contains:
  • Sugar = 0g
  • fibre = 0g
  • fat = 19g
  • calories = 265
  • protein = 21g
  • carbohydrates = 0g

Eating beef during pregnancy:

You keep protected eat muscles of the cow throughout pregnancy because it is poached intensity as far as it is stemma hot. There is no provision to eat rare and undercooked muscles of the cow. Muscles of the cow are the main source contain protein in pregnancy...

Recipes which we made from beef:

Beef  Karahi:

Take 2 big onions and lightly brown them, grind 3 tomatoes and 1 ginger well.
Mix it well.
then cook it well and add salt red pepper and Tumeric pepper
and cook well-added beef karahi ...
Mix it well and cook until when beef finally cook
Now the beef is ready...
Serve it on a plate with chapati

Benefits of beef

1. Muscles of cow gives a huge rising of the L_Carnitine.
2. Muscle of cow gives "administrative Antioxidant"Glutathione.
3. Muscle of cow is huge in protein or also support to reform flesh or mass.
4. Muscle of cow is also too much haves in minerals.
5. Fating muscles of cow support prohibit iron defeat Anaemia.
6. Muscle of cow have carnosine, influential Amino Acid.
7. Muscles of cows have a huge amount of vitamins.
8.Associate Linoleic Acid.
9. Muscle of cow have achievement Enhancer Creation.
10. Muscles of cow is full of modest.
11. Muscle of the cow is easy to cook.

Beef Cooking Methods

1. Grilling 
2. Barbecue
3. Broiling
4. Griddle
5. Roasting
6. Frying
7. Moist heat 
8. Raw beef 
9. Dried, Cured or smoked muscle of the cow


Sizzling the muscles of a cow over and under full huge glowing hotness dawning, commonly in glut 340. c (650. F). Here attend to baking the shallow of the muscle of cow whose organize a rapid crust.


A method of sizzling that associates sizzling meat for a huge duration of the point at below condition with fumes from stove-lengths.


A condition was pre-owned in North American. It's identical with grilling, still with warmth origin regularly raised the meat. Abroad that was investigation a form of grilling.


A form of heating meat in warmth over, generating the roast muscle of a cow. damp is not customarily combined: the muscles of the cow may be grease from fat in the upper layer and fool around warmth inflated from roaster pan by top. A curry made by roasting Sources, behind glance off waste fat. This method is relevant for a heavy piece of beef. Beef is also used for frying and roasting. It has many ways to cook and fry. It is helpful to maintain the human body nutrients and supplements.


Foodstuff perhaps sizzling in broiling oil, ordinally by hollow frying whereas deep-seated brown can be worn, usually for foodstuffs put on with aliment scrap as in finger steaks and milanesas bigger portions like steaks perhaps sizzling that method and meat perhaps wound lesser is in furore brown especially Asian method of sizzling.
Beef provides us with a huge optional reproduction or system and proper growth. To select the best minerals, it is important to select or maintain wealthy and healthy animals.
Beef is obtained from a crow. Each beef cut piece is known as a primal cut. It consists of many groups circumstances of the carcass. Primal cuts are also known as wholesale cuts. Beef pieces are produced from the lore of the animal. The core of the animal is the centre part of the animal. The most tender area of the animal is Alan and rib. These pieces of beef are also distributed in many other countries. Many people want to eat it. but due to its price in the market is high. So it poor people do not eat easily.

According to the beef in cooking with the specified extent. The temperature which is not more or less than 145-degree Fahrenheit / 62.77 degree Celcius.
Three different categories of cooked beef are as follows:
  1. 145' F/ 62.77' C
  2. 130'F/ 54.4' C
  3. 145'F/02.77' C

Beef is eaten in India:

Buffaloes are also known as beef in many places. It is a very popular dish in Goe and Kerala and Meghalaya. Many people do not like beef in eating. They are mostly interested in chicken and mutton that is less beneficial for us. Beef is formed from the cow. It is expensive than mutton and chicken so that's why people less eat it.

Some amount of people who eating beef:

According to researchers religion:
  • 63.4 Million            Muslims
  • 12.5 Million            Hindus
  • 6.5 Million              Christian
  • 600,000 Million      Buddhists
  • 280,000 Million      Other religious

According to unites states, there are many varieties or categories of eating habits.

  • Meghalaya                   94% population
  • Lakshadweep               78% population 
  • Sikkim                         72% population
  • Nagaland                      57% population
  • Uttar Practeash              47% population 
  • Maharashtra                   47% population 

beef/ beef jerky/ beef benefits

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