Lemon Introduction:

Lemon is introduced in northern-western India. and it is mostly manufactured in Italy around AD, In the 2nd century, lemons are produced in the Mediterranean Areas. Lemon mostly contains 5% citric acid lemon also produced in subtropical and tropical countries. People use this lemon for adding flavour to cooking dishes. It is also used in medicine. In the united state 25%, the lemon plant is produced... 

lemon water benefits/ lemon

How to cultivate plants:

The lemon plant is not easy to grow because it has too many conditions. It has more conditions than another citrus plant. It is not found in too much rain. It contains fresh soil that carries sandy loam. It has an exact temperature of 12 degrees to 38 degrees Centigrade, above, the Lemon tree very resembles citron and lime. It has plants that are called Rut-ace, Sometimes, which is also known as nippled fruits. The height of the plant is 4.5m. It has white blossoms. It has a plant which lemon contains 300 to 600 fruits. It trees has long leaves. The berry fruits have a different layer that contains fruits. Its plants contain aromatic (alcohol) and oil. the lemon trees also have flesh that contains fresh seeds and juice.

 Its cultivation is applicable 3 times in a whole year. It harvests is done manually and not doing it electrically, because electronically the cell and sub-cell of fruits are damaged. 80% of lemons are produced in Italy. Lemon is also produced in India, France, Israel, Greece, and Spain etc. Lemon juice is a very fresh fruit that is very citric in taste. It also contains sugar patient medicines. According to experts, lemon juice is evaluated from calcium oxalate. Lemon juice is very good for use in food formulas. when we produced fibre it is very helpful for microbial quantity process and from functional groups etc also. Always keep in your mind that when it processes affect all the tyes of its composition. The expert also studied the non-enzymes treatment of lemon. we should always know that it shows the high intensity of brown. Basically, lemon juice is mostly used in the Turkish area where people mostly like citric acid. This all information is gathered from multiple experts and much other research

Benefits of Lemon:

There are many benefits of lemon some of them are as follows:


Basically lemon is a combination of vitamin C. These also contain antioxidants that are very unhealthy for the human body.

Normal Blood Pressure:

Lemon is very useful to normal blood pressure if a person has high blood pressure. Lemon helps to reduce it.

Prevent Cancer:

Lemon fruit and its juice are very beneficial for vitamin C. It also helps to prevent cancer when the bacteria toxins are damaged. Some antioxidants prevent cancer...

Healthy Complexion:

Lemons are also helpful in the production of healthy human health. It also is useful for maintaining health and human disease also...

Digestion Aids:

When we have an acidic problem in our stomach. Lemons are helpful to supplement the acidic problem in the human stomach. Lemon are very beneficial to digest food easily...

Hydrated body:

Water is a very effective way of hydrating. Most people do not drink sufficient water. So, a person who does not drink too much water (as required), should drink lemon water which is an easy way to drink and has many benefits.

Weight loss:

Lemon water is very beneficial for losing human body weight. It takes two months to lose weight. Normal water or you should take some normal lighted hot water and drink it for weight loss.

Provide Vitamin C:

lemon provide a useful benefit of vitamin C that contains many calories without fats. It also protects our damaged cells and repairs the...

Kidney Stone:

It is very helpful to prevent the kidney stone and it also give us pain relief when we have in urinary citrate. It prevents many other diseases like kidney stones.

Potassium Production:

Lemon is very used in the production of potassium. It is used to enhance the body level. The major source of potassium is vegetables and fruits. It is very compulsory for never muscular system communication...

Lemon Nutrition Facts:

It consists of carbs that only 10% and it also contain water that percentage is (88-89%)approximately.
  • Calories = 29
  • Water = 90%
  • Protein = 1.3g
  • Carbs = 9.0g
  • Sugar = 2.9g
  • Fiber = 2.9g
  • Fat = 0.8g
  • Viatmin C = 89% RDI
  • Iron = 4% RDI
  • Potassium = 3% RDI
  • Viatmin B9 = 4% RDI
  • Vitamin B6 = 5% RDI

Lemon Benefits for pregnant Women:

Lemon is beneficial for pregnant women because of nausea, condition. Due to it, it also imposed the risks of problems. Many women also faced the problem of heartburn in pregnancy. Doctors also suggest taking lemon water to recover the problem of heartburn...

The side effect of Lemon on the skin:

  • Everything in this whole universe has many advantages and disadvantages. So, lemon has also a side effect to apply on a face.
  • It starts irritation when we apply it to the face.
  • It has also side effects when we go in sunlight after using lemon. it caused redness and swelling on the skin...
  • It also increases the risk of sunburn... 

Face Mask:

The person who has oily skin, they can use this mask on the face or maintain the oil on the skin...


  • half tablespoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 egg white


  • Put all ingredients in a limited bowl. stop mixing this mixture when you see that it is full of foamy and plain...
  • The Layer of dilute is fixed to apply on the face.
  • Before applying it, you must wash your face. Use a plain simple brush or finger to apply on full-face... 
  • except for eyes...
  • Make a thick layer on the face...
  • leave a mask for dry 20 to 30 minutes. when the mask is fully dried rinse your face with normal water and dry it with soft tissue
  • now apply a normal moisture cream on your full face...
lemon water benefits/ lemon

PH level of lemon juice:

The lemon juice contains above 7 PH values. It means that lemon is healthy to become lemon juice containing acidity. Sometimes, we add some amount of water to lemon juice because due to it we intake less amount of lemon or citric acid directly in the body. Lemonade basically engages us in dental health problems...

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