Pineapple History:

Pineapple mostly comes from the southern areas. Paraguay and Brazil are very good countries for obtaining pineapple fresh. Pineapple is a very healthy fruit. because it has many nutritional facts in its calorie that help us to improve our immunity system. It is important because it is the solution to many diseases. The first pineapple is seen in the Hawaiian, Islands. It is also started in the 16 century. It is very useful for transaction voyages. Basically, pineapple is also known as bananas. Pineapple is grown or small root or plant. 

Pineapple health benefits/pineapple benefits for weight loss

Scientific Classification:

  • Kingdom            Plantae king
  • Clade                     Angiosperms organisms
  • Clade                     Monocots species
  • Clade                     Commelinids related
  • Orders                    Pools related
  • Family                    Bromeliaceae species
  • Species                    A. comosus orders
  • Genus                      Ananas flavour

Nutritional Facts:

  • Calories     =      45
  • Total fact   =      0.2g 
  • Saturated fat  =  0.00g
  • Cholesterol    =   0.00mg
  • Sodium         =    1.0mg
  • Potassium     = 99.0mg
  • Carbohydrates  =   13.1g
  • Dietary fiber    =    1.48g
  • Sugar               =    9g
  • Protein             =     0.9g
  • Vitamin           =    80%
  • Calcium          =     1.0%
  • Vitamin D      =    0.00%
  • Cabolium       =    0.00%
  • Magnesium    =    3.1%
  • Vitamin B6    =    5.1%  
  • Iron               =    1.2%

Benefits of Pineapple:

There are many benefits of pineapple some of them are as follows:

Stuffed with nutrients:

Pineapple fruit is very less in total calories but it has high nutritients. It contains a high amount of zinc, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin K. In this vitamin C is very necessary for development and growth.

Contain Antioxidants:

Pineapple is very high in nutrients. It contains a large number of diseases fighting antioxidants. These radicals are commended with our body and they also weaken the immune system and many harmful diseases of the human body. It is very good in phenolic acids and flavonoids. Pineapple fruits decrease the risk of heart attack and chloric disease. 

Easy to Digest:

Pineapple is a very easy to digest food. Its protein particles are broken and it is easily observed in the small intestine. It also contains bromelain. That difficult to digest meat protein.

Decrease the risk of cancer:

Cancer is a very serious problem in the human body. That is recognized by uncontrolled cell growth. According to the researchers, they observed that it decrease our stress and anti-inflammation. Which is connected with cancer disease when disease occurred patients it may cause death.

Increases immunity and inflammation:

Basically, an ancient time pineapple is very useful in medicines that it contains multiple vitamins, zinc, minerals, and enzymes. So, it increases immunity pineapple has many anti-inflammation properties. It means that anti-inflammation aid the immunity system.

Control symptoms of Arthritis:

The united states contain 57 million young adults. It has many unique types that also causes leg or muscles problems. It also relieves the pain and arthritis.

Speed up recovery after surgery:

Pineapple beast our immunity level high and it also decreases the surgical problem. It also saves us from Strano disease. Strano disease may damage our muscles tissues. In this way, pineapple is very helpful to recover it from many other diseases.

Favourable and easy to add to our regular diet:

Pineapple fruit is very sweet in taste and it is very easy for everyone to add to a meal. Its price is reasonable. This fruit is very never apple and nor plane. But it is made from many kernels that flavour is very good and delicious.

Disadvantages of Pineapple:

There are many disadvantages of pineapple some of them are as follows:

May cause miscarriage:

Doctors have not recommended pineapple juice to pregnant women. because it is harmful to both baby and mother. This harmful situation is also known as Bromelein. which may cause to be abortion.

May cause Diabetes:

Pineapple is very sweet in taste so when we want to drink its juice. It has no need to add sugar to it because it naturally sweetens. It increases the risk of diabetes and if any diabetes person drinks pineapple juice, its sugar has become high and it is dangerous for human health.

Cause Allergic disease:

Many allergic people who suffer from any type of allergy problem may be swelling in their mouth, disturb throat and face. It also increases the risk of itching. It also causes to take breathing. Pineapple is very good for human health but it is must be eaten or drink in a sufficient amount. As we always say that "Excess of everything is bad"
 So, we should care about it.

The problem in Kidney:

If a person has a kidney problem it is very harmful to a person who eats pineapple. Pineapple contains a large amount of potassium in its nutritional facts. So it is very harmful to kidney patients. Pineapple is not beneficial for kidney patients neither fruits and nor its juice.

Pineapple Recipe:


  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Pineapple juice
  • Fresh Mint
  • Salt
  • Red pepper


  1. Add olive oil, red pepper, vinegar and salt in a small bowl...
  2. Mix it well
  3. Take a new large bowl and add all required fruit to it...such are Fresh pineapple, pomegranate, melon, blueberries, grapes etc
  4. Now mix all solutions in this bowl 
  5. and serve it on a plate
  6. It is very delicious and it is easy to cook and serve

Variety, processing and storage of pineapple:

According to a Nutritionist: different fruit juices are prepared with a combination of multiple fruits such as strawberry, orange and pineapple. Many shopkeepers are selling the medium size packet of fruits. So, due to it: many experts researchers take these package as a sample to check their chemical, sensory and physical properties. Many traditional clearly shows the negative or bad impact on different biotic components colour and flavour. It is very important to generate these thermal traditional to reduce the problems in the examined sample. The biotic components, volatile compares that contain 4 degrees Centigrade to 6 degrees Centigrade for approximately 28 days. These all things maintain the progressive level of pineapple in many types like peel, apple, slice, pineapple juice and pineapple jam. We can store pineapple juice at 9 degrees Centigrade for seven days or 1 week and its pineapple jam is stored for one to two months at 25 degrees Centigrade respectively pineapple basically contains many sources and minerals of vitamin C. It is also very useful for storage.
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