Effect of Coca-Cola on Human Health:

Coca-Cola and other energetic drinks compositions are not known. But due to researchers and laboratory tests, shows that a number of factors can facilitate us to detect the rate at which our body can be affected. Actually then Cola and Pepsi energetic drinks are a major cause of diabetes because of a greater amount of alcohol and sugar. It also gets caffeine which decreases tone and makes our sleep discomfort and also affects our heartbeat. These coca-cola badly affect the human pancreas and other pancreas related diseases.

Effects of Pepsi-Cola and energy drink on human health

Spermicidal effect of Coco-Cola:

The spermicidal strength of Pepsi cola plus coca-cola. The impression effect of diet coke, Pepsi cola, caffeine-free energy drinks, zero diet cola on the health of human sperm movement was studied with a very common method named trans-membrane migration. None of the above energy drinks could reduce the motility of sperms less than 60% within at learnt one hour. However, If cola drinks have the spermicidal effect, their power goes to reduced as compared to other well-determined spermicidal agents. Not only coca-cola is very harmful but also other drinks are also very harmful to the human body. There are many types of energy drinks
  • 7up
  • Coca-cola
  • Marinda
  • Band energy drink
  • Blueberry drink
  • blue charge energy drink
  • Red bull energy drink
  • Dolphin Energy drink
  • G fuel energy drink
  • Hell energy drink
  • Sting energy drink

Coca-cola varies duodenal PH and causes duodenal ulcer sickness:

The higher secretion of gastric acid in the duodenum leads to duodenum ulcer disease. But the associated significance of acidity and acid load in the duodenum at the place of ulcer information always undergo poorly documented and it is only because of issues relates to methodological and techniques.  A significant method in order to measure duodenum PH by digitally recording under a normal environment has been determined and also utilized in control patients and subjects with ululation of the duodenum.

Standard Duodenum PH:

The digital standard PH meter plus the binary coded output mainly decimal was tested by a unit named Electronic Logic in a time interval of 10-20 seconds (This is specific for the duodenal electrode). The result of this PH meter was recorded on punched card tape. The complete dater logging method was prepared on a trolling that was transportable and caused easily be wheeled towards outside.
  • First of all, the electrodes were gauged in a buffer having standard PH (PH 2, 4 and 6, 7) dipped in a contains having water in it and the temperature was set at 37 degrees centigrade at the initial and final point of each test. After this, the electrodes were located in the part of the small intestine (duodenum) and stomach include including the balloon of mercury in the top part of Jejum by utilizing Fluoroscopic Control. The position of electrodes was given checked at the last point of the test. The wires of electrodes were very long. So that it easily give permission of subject some movement when connected to the total that's why a person could easily pass a nearly ordinary life. There are some incidents during which the period of study was mentioned on board by the examiner and was upgraded after the registering of each PH measurement on the punched cards. It is very harmful to the cardiovascular human system.

  • Actually, the increase in the level of cells mostly relates to the acidity and alkalinity of the respective organ. Researchers find out through their studies that there was a proportional increase in ulcer formation. During the increase in acidification of duodenum such as (PH < 4) and also alkalinity of duodenum such as (PH > 6). Generally, the initial part of the duodenum was more acidic under normal conditions than PH 4. This satisfied the logic that Gastric material which is acidic in nature go inside the small intestine part duodenum fastly buffered and more towards neutral PH when emptied. The patients badly affected with ulcers is duodenum pass-through process in which acidity is suffered to become neutralized but the issue is that this process is insufficient. The duodenum also has alkalinity for a longer time period than normal. but the quantity of this extra time period of acidification in dua delirium. Although because patients having ulcers in the duodenum show have no capacity to neutralize this acidic nature. Thus, the increased base (bicarbonate) secretion provide towards the duodenum from the very secretion organic pancreas, mucosa and bile is sufficient.
  • Duodenal  Bulb:
Data that is collected from pure amalgam PH electrodes are always to be dominant to expectation techniques which may change general physiology. The first part of the small intestine (duodenum) can be considered highly basic or acidic.

According to Prestusich and Rhotes:

Their research showed a gradient of market PH from down to the top of the duodenum bulb in both patients and control subjects with an ulcer in the duodenum with a PH of the second portion of deuterium comparable with other consequences. However, the first portion of the food is the second portion of deuterium. Initially, Rune's group determined no essential distinguished between normal people and patients having a duodenal ulcer. They further undergo a high rate of physical activities abnormally. In the bulb of duodenum patients with duodenum ulcer, in both fasting and after-meal and its due to more PH recording data frequently. The measurement of the hormone named plasma secretion is related to the acidification and ulceration of the duodenum and this is determined by short-lived increment related with chocked PH level decreases.


Effects of Pepsi-Cola and energy drink on human health

Coca-cola and other energy drinks were considered as physiological external drinks acid load by thousands of people daily. Its phosphorous and carbonic acid buffering capacity may dissolve hydrogen ions that are unbuffered being pass out to the duodenum. Thus, coca-cola cause a shop decrease in PH in the chodenum and further increased the percentage of the reading more acidic than PH 4, plus essentially decreased the time period of duodenum alkalinization, All well-matched with the cola-like drinks theory that could bias to ulceration of duodenum...

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