Coffee or Tea, which is better for the human body:

Always keep in mind that "Excess of everything is bad". These both are very unique in taste. but we should not drink coffee in large amounts or we should not take tea in large amounts.

What is Tea?

Tea Vs Coffee Health

Basically, Tea is manufactured with the combination of two different Sinensis plants and Cameli. After water, Drinking tea is the most important drink which is used most nowadays.

Different Types of Tea:

There are different types of Tea which are as follow:
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Pink Tea
  • White Tea

Advantages of Tea for Human health:

There are many advantages of Tea which are as follow:

Improve whole brain system:

After taking Tea, it is very helpful for improving brain function because It makes people alert and fresh. Tea also has caffeine ingredients which are called stimulants. In Tea, there is a large amount of caffeine. According to medical researchers, it can be said that the brain is an important part of the body. if it is fresh and alert then we must be very fresh and healthy. The brain consists of two major parts that are: the cerebrum and cerebellum...

Decreased the risk of breathing:

Due to Tea, it is also very helpful to maintain our breathing system. Today many people have the problem of breathing. Breathing has also many types, some people breath but not easily, some people breathe but with heart disease, and some people breathe who are engaged with a heart attack...

Decreased the risk of diabetes:

Tea is very important for diabetes patients. when it never contains sugar in tea. because sugar patients are mostly engaging with these problems and without sugar, they are mostly relieved and alert also. According to the medical experts they recommend Tea but in a limited quantity...

Disadvantages of tea:

There are many types of disadvantages of Tea some of them are as follow:

Decreased iron in the human body:

Basically, Tea also includes ingredients that are called Tannins. This is another ingredient than caffeine. This tannin is always active in the deficiency of iron in the human body. Iron is a very severe deficiency that is very common nowadays in the whole world. If we are veg and non-veg then we should also focus on the iron diet...

Bad sleeping:

After taking Tea, we are not able to sleep because Tea always wake up and not to go on bed for sleep. It also distrubs the timing of sleeping. When we are not sleep properly or on time then we are not become healthy, fit and fresh.


Taking Tea in the condition of pregnancy, it is very harmful for a mother and baby. It also increase the risk of miscarriage. Because in this situation, women only eat and drink healthy diet. when she eat healthy it must be effect on the baby heath directly. If a mother healthy baby must be healthy and fit. 


We should take Tea but in a limited quantity because we should also focus on our digestive system. Adult children are not allowed to drink coffee and take tea . Instead of these, they should drink milk regularly. which is very beneficial for children to cover their nutrition in a best way.. If we have a cold or flue we should take some tea or coffee but in a sufficient quantity.

What is Coffee?

Tea Vs Coffee Health

Coffee is produced with black coffee beans it is very popular nowadays. Basically, it is served in two ways: Hot water and cold milk. Coffee also carries caffeine which benefit is to people very alert. 

Types of Coffee:

There are different types of coffee which are s follow:
  • Robusta
  • Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Black Coffe
  • Cold iced coffee
  • Nitro cold brew

Basic Advantages and some major risks of drinking coffee

There are many advantages of coffee but some of them are as follow in detail:

Coffee enhances energy level:

When a person drinks coffee. He/she feels fresh because it has an extra energy level. which is beneficial intake in the body it is dissolved with the bloodstream that helps our brain to be more active.

Burn Fat Calorie:

Coffee is one of the most important and unique ways to lose weight and burn fat calories. According to experts or specialists, it is observed that obesity is also be reduced before coffee.

Contains Powerful Nutrients:

Coffee also increases the nutrients which contain many vitamins. Every 1 cup of coffee contains pantothenic acid, niacin and magnesium etc. Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B2.

Reduced the Risk of Cancer:

Coffee has also decreased the risk of cancer. because it has some main toxic antioxidants that can fight against cancer disease.

Disadvantages of Coffee:

There are many disadvantages of coffee some of them are as follow:

Contain Anxiety:

An increase in coffee beams contains human anxiety because it contains some amount of caffeine from which people become alert and fresh. It also disturbs our nervous system. because of anxiety.


According to some experts, it can be said that if we use coffee in a day and night also. then it increases the chance of addiction. and that is very bad for human health.

Increases the risk of Diabetes:

Coffee also increases the chance of diabetes because when a person diabetic person adds some amount of sugar in milk coffee then it is very harmful to him. After all, his/her sugar also increases. and then it is difficult to control it.

Is Coffee Better than Tea? Explain

After reading the all upper detail of coffee and Tea. Now u should know the real fact of these both drinks. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. If we do not add a little amount of sugar in the preparation of tea and coffee then it both have many advantages which are discussed up. Though it, they both have some nutrition and antioxidants that are useful for the human body. Without Sugar, both are harmful to the human body. 
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