Vitamin Side effects:

Vitamin A sides effects:

The side effects of Vitamin A are as follow:
  1. Vitamin A presumably secure for the greater population in extend limited that 10,000 (3,000 mcg) regularly. Preserve in your memory Vitamin A accessible in two distinctive ways or styles. Provitamin and performed.
  2. The culmination daily prescription is 10,000 until each daylight expresses apart pre-formed vitamin. 
  3. A few supplements accommodate Vitamin A in provitamin or pre-formed Vitamin Aways. Since the particular supplements extend pre-formed VA may be nearly new to complete on the occasion that supply of VA is protective in many ways.
  4. Vitamin A addictive along VA in supply is higher than10,000 be permitted appease be protective if the part of VA in provitamin Away.
  5. Comparatively addictive contains 23,000 of VA where 60 per cent is provitamin A way authority be protective. That is only 92,00 or 40 per cent is pre-formed VA.

The sources from where we should intake vitamin A:

  • Egg Yolk
  • Beef liver
  • Cheese
  • Chicken Liver
  • Trout
  • Carrot
  • Spanish
  • Butternut
  • Red pepper
  • Pumpkin
  • Kale
  • Parsely

    Vitamin side effects, dosing, precautions

    Vitamin B side effects:

    Before I explain the side effect of vitamins would like us to tell about the amount of vitamin B in men and women 

    For women:

    • B1 =  1.10mg
    • B2 =  1.10mg
    • B3 =  15mg
    • B5 =   6mg
    • B6 =   1.9mg
    • Biotium =  30.9mcg (microgram)
    • Folicacid  = 450mcg (microgram)
    • B12 = 2.49mcg (microgram)

    For men:

    • B1  =  1.6mg 
    • B2 = 1.4mg
    • B3 = 17mg
    • B5 = 6mg
    • B6 = 1.9mg
    • Biotium =  31mcg (microgram)
    • Folicacid  = 500mcg (microgram)
    • B12 = 2.40mcg (microgram)

    Side effects:

    The side effects of vitamin B are as follows:

    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine):

    Vitamin B never stays in the human body for a long time. A large amount of vitamin B cause side-effect. It also increases the risk of skin problems, constipation and diarrhoea.

    Vitamin B3 (Niacin):

    Vitamin B3 may cause many skin diseases and also causes pain and sugar levels. It also causes liver problems.

    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine):

    Excess of vitamin B6 destroys the narrows system. It causes kidney function. It increased the risk of a heart attack. And most people occur with diabetes add causes dead.

    Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid):

    Vitamin B9 also occur kidney damage it also increased insulin requirement It can also be related to the risk of cancer.

    Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin):

    When B12 increases in the human body it increases the risk of the cardiovascular system it causes increases the risk of cancer and many others.

    Vitamin C side effects:

    The vitamin C side effect is as follow:
    • Vitamin C has good for health but excess of everything is bad.
    • It causes Nausea diarrhoea and vomiting.
    • When anyone uses an excess dose of vitamins it increases the risk of heartburn.
    • An increase in vitamin C, it causes stomach problems.
    • It also causes skin flushing and Headache problems for the human body.
    • When vitamin C increases in the human body it causes fatigue, sleeping and also insomnia.

    The amount of Vitamin C which we should intake for human body:

      • 1 to 3 years = 14-15 mg
      • 4 to 8 years = 25-30 mg
      • 9 to 13 years = 45-50 mg
      • 14 to 18 years = 65-75 mg
      • Adult women = 75-80 mg
      • Adult men = 90-95 mg
      • Pregnant women = 85-90 mg
      • Breastfeeding women =120 mg

      Vitamin D side effects:

      The vitamin D side effects are as follow:
      • When we take more vitamin D in it. It causes weakness and nausea etc. 
      • Excess vitamin D shows a bad effect on the body.
      • It is very unsafe for the body when we take a long amount of vitamin D.
      • It also causes a bad impact on the human body.
      • It also causes a high amount in the human blood.
      • When Vitamin D increases it also affects the fatty acid of the human body.
      • It also causes kidney stone problem that is very difficult for us to resolve it with only medicines.
      • Excess of Vitamin D doses may cause the calcium

      The sources from where we should intake vitamin D:

      • Tuna fish = 154
      • Orange juices, 1 cup = 137
      • Milk, 1 cup = 115-124
      • Egg yolk, 1 Large = 41
      • Live, beef cooked = 42
      • Cheese = 6

      Vitamin E side effects:

      Vitamin side effects, dosing, precautions

      The vitamin E side effects are as follow:
        • Overdoses of Vitamin E also causes vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea.
        • It also increases the risk of haemorrhage
        • sometimes, It is also very effective for pregnant women.

        Vitamins side effects for hair:

        When the amount of vitamin A and vitamin K is in large amounts. It also increases the risk of hair loss, rough hair etc.

        The amount of Vitamin K which we should intake for human body:

        • Birth to 6 months = 2.7mcg (micrograms)
        • 7 to 12 months = 2.8mcg (micrograms)
        • 1 to 3 years = 32mcg (micrograms)
        • 4 to 8 years = 54mcg (micrograms)
        • 9 to 13 years = 60.0mcg (micrograms)
        • 14 to 18 years = 75.0mcg (micrograms)
        • Adult men 20 years and older = 119mcg (micrograms)
        • Adult men 20 years and older = 119mcg (micrograms)
        • Breastfeeding teens and womens or pregnant = 75mcg (micrograms)
        • Pregnant women = 90.0mcg (micrograms)
        Basically, Vitamin is very helpful for our health, for hair, and for our skin...But excess of everything is fully bad...
        so we should aware of a large amount of vitamin intake in the human body...

        Vitamins are HEALTHY:

        The first most commonly produced vitamin is vitamin C and vitamin E that is very helpful to reproduce the antioxidants and breast, cancer patients. Nowadays people thought that when we have a high or complete amount of vitamin intake it means that we are healthy and fit but indirectly they suffer from any disease or issue after a while. These vitamins also contain white cell levels. Some toxic cells also decreased in animals due to these vitamin C and vitamin E. Vitamin is also very important for decreasing the harmful level of antiseptic drugs...

        Every vitamin gives us many benefits and side effects. Now it depends on us that what vitamin we used most intake. Vitamins are very beneficial for every human being. because when we ignore vitamins. It was harmful to our health. 

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